Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Principal's Introduction

Amarjit Basi, Interim Principal, explained that the Supported Experiments Project is a 2 year programme.
He said that the College needs to create the right"climate" and foster a sense of common purpose.........If we all put our collective minds to it, we can excel.

He also made the following points:

A changing agenda means that we need to build on our current good work to create engaging programmes for our learners.

We need to focus on what we are good at as we are living through a change agenda and the only constant is good teaching & learning.

Therefore we have to put teaching & learning back in the heart of what we do , meaning that our staff are the bedrock of that delivery. We need to lead by example & be role models in teaching & learning.

We must as managers espouse teaching & learning. Enlist the excellent support of practitioners and not abdicate our collective responsibility.

Strategically the message is BOTTOM UP. Staff are allowed to test ideas that are important for them. It is not SMT asking for it to be done. It's what teachers want to do. Supporting excellence is the key.

This initiative is not the Geoff Petty initiative or Supported Experiments but a change programme done in the EHWLC way.

Remember it's a duty to manage, but a privilege to lead.

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